The Future of Beverage!

Each bottle of Role Iced Tea Elixirs contains over 1800mg of our proprietary root and spice blend of turmeric, ginger, curcumin and black pepper to support wellness in body and mind without compromising taste. No added sugars. Nothing artificial.

We believe beverages should play a dual role.

Be functional. Be flavorful. No compromises!

Now Naturally Sweetened WITH NO ADDED SUGARS!


Role Tea Co-Founder Mike Johnson learned to create better for you versions of traditional foods and beverages while losing 100 lbs in his early 20s. After experiencing lingering soreness from boxing in 2015, he used those learnings to come up with the idea to craft a beverage that combined tea, spices and juice to help manage physical activity based inflammation.


After noticing the many measures co-workers sought to soothe soreness from everyday physical work activities, Role Tea Co-Founder Koray Benson was sold on the idea. Mike and Koray paired up with a team of food scientists to turn their tea. spice and juice creations into a marketable product in early 2016.

November 23rd 2016

After over 60 iterations, Role Tea was officially launched when our first case was delivered to fast-casual DC hotspot Amsterdam Falafel on Thanksgiving Eve 2016!

Spice Up Your Life!

More and more people are realizing that spices like turmeric, ginger and black pepper support wellness in mind and body in ways to improve our daily lives. Many may enjoy a spiced tea after a hard day's work. Others after a rough night out. Some on hour 15 of an 18 hour fast. Regardless, you won't find a more refreshing and delicious way to spice up your life than with Role Tea. We've truly perfected the balance between function and flavor!

Function and Flavor Perfected

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