Caulipower Pizza

What is It?

Reduced carbohydrate pizza by way of cauliflower crust

Why is it Role Approved?

Pizza is the ULTIMATE cheat food! But if you're watching your sugar or carbohydrate in take, it's probably a once in a while thing. Until now! Cauliflower is the new kale largely because of its versatility. Including making a pretty good pizza crust. So Caulipower's cauliflower crust pizzas enable you to eat pizza and veggies all while significantly reducing your carbs. Sweet!

They've definitely perfected the balance between function and flavor!

 Like the Real Thing Score = 95%

Of course you can't swap a dough for cauliflower and not tell a difference. But the Amazon ratings speak for themselves. This pizza is damn good and offers very little compromise in taste considering the nutritional gains.

Where Can I Buy?

Visit their website for more information on purchasing.

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