Enlightened Ice Cream

What is it?

Reduced sugar and protein enhanced iced cream.

Why is it Role Approved?

A life without ice cream is a life not worth living. This is why most view iced cream as a treat worthy of ignoring the extra sugar and fat that it comes with. But Enlightened Ice Cream contains nearly twice the protein and half the sugar and calories of traditional ice cream with virtually no compromise in taste. We see no real reason to consume regular ice cream again!

Like the Real Thing Score = 98%

This ice cream is absolutely delicious. How much like the real thing it tastes like may largely depend on your favorite flavor. But we'd say the Red Velvet is so good, we'd likely buy the Enlightened version over a less than healthier version just based on taste alone! In fact, the only compromise we can see is the need to let it thaw a little bit longer than traditional ice cream.

Where to Buy?

Visit their website for more information on purchasing.


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